Our Farm

Frisian Farms is a small dairy farm located in the prairie heartland of southeastern Iowa.  Frisian Farms is owned and operated  by two brothers who come from a long line of dairy farmers originating from the Friesland province in Holland.  At Frisian Farms,  the focus is on maximizing cow comfort since we understand that great cheese begins with the best quality milk possible. 

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At Frisian Farms we are continually exploring new wine and cheese pairings for our Frisian Farmstead Gouda in an effort to maximize  the enjoyment of our cheese.  Over time, we have discovered a number of flavor combinations that work to enhance both the wine and  cheese tasting experience and we are pleased to share these discoveries with you. 

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Our Cheese

Frisian Farmstead Gouda is a washed-rind cow's milk farmstead cheese that is nutty and sweet with a hint of fruitiness.  When  young, its texture is firm but creamy.  As it matures, Frisian Farmstead Gouda develops mellow notes of butterscotch and honey,  turns a deep amber color and becomes firm and crumbly in texture.  This farmstead cheese is complex but retains a rustic essence  that makes it widely appealing to both cheese novices and connoisseurs. 

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